Chaitanya Kumar

Security, Privacy, Blockchain

I am presently a Blockchain researcher at IBM Research, Singapore.
My academic interests span across distributed systems, privacy, legalities in the cyberspace and program analysis. I completed my Bachelor's in Tech from IIIT-Delhi, majoring in Computer Science.
I have always been engaged in building and discussing secure and privacy preserving systems, through my academic and professional pursuits.
Over the years, I've become more interested in the human aspect of making systems secure and/or privacy-preserving.



A censorship circumvention system, that leverages Software Defined Networks for a modular architecture. The proposed architecture and system has been evaluated on Deter as well as multiple physical SDN switches, amidst actual university traffic.
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A practical and highly scalable solution for the problem of verifiable multiparty fair exchange in the online marketplace. It combines the trusted execution of blockchains with intelligent protocol design and incentivization schemes.
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e-Bill of Lading

Digitizing the Bill of Lading as a digital asset on the blockchain
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Hyperledger Fabric backed ocean frieght supply chain platform that brings together transacting parties to conduct business in a paperless, provably secure manner.
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Short-Term Projects

Improving Code Search with Named Entities

A better code search, through identification of relations between syntactic constructs like "(int) a;" and their natural language constructs, that is, "typecasting".
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An Android app to ensure never run out of space on your phones!
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Commits in collaborative development

A study to analyse code commit practices and code commits, reducing merge conflict possibilities
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A static analysis tool to identify cryptographic API misuse in Android APKs
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When I'm not working or debugging, I enjoy reading books and hiking about. I've lately taken to indoor climbing and learning to play the piano.
I also tend to write, sometimes technical, often not.
Besides my academic interests in computer science, I also dabble with reading into other domains, such as cosmology; and more recently, economics to better understand the economics of information security.
I'm always happy to catch up if any of these things get you excited! 🍻


  • IBM Recognition Award for contributions to TradeLens, 2017
  • Winner of the Vibrant Gujarat StartUp Summit, Idea Stage, 2016
  • Best Teaching Assistant Award, 2016
  • CBSE INSPIRE Scholarship (top 1% Grade XIIth graduates), 2012
  • Member of Indian delegation to Japan under JENESYS program, 2012
  • Selected for CSIR Program on Youth for Leadership in Science (CPYLS), at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, 2012